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                                    1° offer

 We are able to furnish you a your space web with a dominion of first level and the realization of a page web with the description of your society the photo of the same and your adddress beyond to furnish you 5 boxes of electronic mail.

2° offer

If you prefer could entertain your firm with a [link ] and the creation of a [home page] in this site like for the first offered the substantial difference is that for reach write you will be owed for instance your society

                                      3° offer

We record if available your name, your firm etc. and we are concerned with all the practices furnishing you space page and assistance for your home

                                      4° offer

For the only zone from Rome and Romani  Castles are able to furnish you a support for introduce you in the world internet for him uses of the electronic mail for him I use operational Office Me of the systems Nt for the connection internet, assistance for the application of ADSL connections, ISDN provider.

For information contact us through   e-mail
send e-mail we surely will find a solution

We postpone the link faq for ulterior explanations, for know the costs send us an e-mail with your applications.

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